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Danijela Sinkovic

PurchaseImport Manager


Intertekstil Stanić D.O.O.

Danijela Sinkovic works as a PurchaseImport Manager in Intertekstil Stanić D.O.O..

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Intertekstil Stanić D.O.O.


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16/03/2023 5.19PM

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Kerestinečka Cesta 57/A Sv.Nedjelja Croatia


Wholesale Trade Durable Goods



Intertekstil-Stanić d.o.o. is a Croatian family-owned business, established in 1992. They specialize in the production of high-quality textiles for apparel, home and industrial use. Their website,, offers customers the opportunity to view and purchase a wide range of products.

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Danijela Sinkovic's works for Intertekstil Stanić D.O.O..

Danijela Sinkovic's job title is PurchaseImport Manager.


Intertekstil Stanić D.O.O.'s NAICS Code is 313.

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